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Bryce Biggs

Greetings. I'm Bryce Biggs. My goal is to facilitate individual and organisational effectiveness.

Bryce Biggs's Bio:

Bryce Biggs is an author, change agent, facilitator, fundraiser, futurologist, professional speaker, researcher, storyteller, and strategist. Bryce has a wide range of management and facilitation experience. His particular interest is organisational and individual effectiveness.

Bryce Biggs's Experience:

Bryce Biggs's Education:

Bryce Biggs's Interests & Activities:

Bryce Biggs is a development maven. Interested in futurology, international human rights, digital technology and its application (including in particular its cyber aspects). Also appreciative inquiry (AI), civil society (NPOs), change and the management of its direction, creativity and innovation, business models and strategy development. Have an extensive library and read extensively and intensively across the fields of history, philosophy, management, psychology, and the future. TED fan. Developer of intellectual property.

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